DDB at Advertising Week

#DDBatAW: Tuesday 9/26 Recap

Day two of Advertising Week was a busy one for DDB. Activities started with a jam-packed panel featuring Ari Weiss among other industry leaders discussing mobile advertising and the changing landscape of platforms. Ari, along with folks from Facebook, R/GA, and BBDO, talked spiritedly about how now, more than ever, work needs to stand out and rise above the noise. “In this clamoring for content, how do you make [an idea] so compelling it can’t be ignored?” Ari asked. That challenge is one brands and agencies must face in the world of mobile advertising perhaps above all else.

Later in the afternoon DDB New York had a double header starting with CEO Chris Brown on the “Meet the CEOs” panel where he sat among other industry superstars to discuss the role of the CEO and how they can embody a healthy working atmosphere. Chris upheld that a company’s culture is more important than its business approach, because there can be no approach without culture. “You can have the best strategy in the world, but if your culture doesn’t allow that strategy to thrive you won’t be successful,” he said. He went on to talk about how there’s no room now for brands to stay passive on the issues; in fact, it’s an example of leadership when they do step up. “There’s now an opportunity for brands to show leadership; the brands that do that are willing to take a stand,” he said.

Immediately after Chris’ panel, Hannah Fishman moderated a panel hosted by GLAAD as part of their amplified voices series. Hannah’s panel focused specifically on the importance of amplifying LGBTQ voices and increasing visibility for folks in that community through advertising. One especially poignant moment during the panel actually came from a question from an audience member after the panel had opened up for Q&A, which asked the panel whether or not they’re seeing brands demand the same level of diversity in their creative teams as they are in their creative work. The panel discussed the example of General Mills demanding certain quotas for their agencies to meet in terms of racial and gender equality, and how they’re setting an important example for other brands to hold their partners to the right standards.

The day ended with a GLAAD cocktail hour and then the D&AD awards where members of the DDB agency supported fellow innovators in the industry who won pencils that night. It was an exciting night, as it always is, to see the best and brightest take home their awards during the biggest industry conference in the country. Congrats to all the winners!

Stay tuned for Day Three featuring Keith Reinhard!