DDB at Advertising Week

#DDBatAW: Wednesday 9/27 Recap

Day three of Advertising Week for DDB was a biggie from start to finish.

Early in the morning, Creative Tech Officer for DDB NY Alexander Rea warmed up the crowd at the Princeton Club with a riveting panel on AI as part of MediaPost’s OMMA two-day conference.

He reassured the crowd that no one would have to worry about artificial intelligence usurping jobs, since human insight is an irreplaceable element in any creative idea. “AI would not have created the Fearless Girl,” he said, pointing to a specific human experience and interpretation of the social landscape difficult for machines to grasp. He also noted that the ideal way to sell AI to clients would be to reach for the ‘holy grail’ opportunity, as he called it, which is to take a 360 campaign and use AI as one distinct part of the idea, rather than the whole idea itself.

Then in the afternoon Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide Keith Reinhard took the stage to kick off one of the most anticipated mainstage presentations of the conference: “Red, White, and… BLUE?” – a frank discussion of America’s image and brand in the current political climate and the role of creative agencies within it. He started the session, which included four presentations from top minds in the industry and beyond, with an examination of the facts: brands matter for countries just as they matter for products. He discussed the statistics on the current global perception of America from other countries and how that creates a sticky situation for both advertisers and brands alike. The question the overall panel proposed was – does America have a brand problem? And over the course of two hours, that’s exactly what the panelists discussed.

Later in the evening Keith continued his activities with two awards shows. First up at the Clio Awards, he presented the Global Impact Award to Sesame Street. Melissa Palazzo, President of Ant Farm, also joined him at the awards as part of the Entertainment Clios jury. Then later in the evening, Keith was honored alongside Wendy Clark and Ari Weiss by the 4A’s at their 100th Anniversary Gala as three of the 100 people who ‘make advertising great.’ What a glamorous end to a busy day for Keith and DDB overall.

Next up: the last day of the conference!