DDB at Advertising Week

Thursday 9/28 Recap

The last day of Advertising Week’s programming arrived today and we’re sad to be saying goodbye so quickly. DDB took today a bit slower than the rest, with no official panels of our own, but still with plenty to choose from.

The main highlight of the day came in the afternoon during a panel titled ‘Extending the Live Experience,’ featuring our friends at both Tribeca and Heineken. Needless to say we couldn’t miss it.

The panel discussed the future of live events and how new platforms and technology are shaping the consumer experience. Andrew Essex, CEO of Tribeca Enterprises, explained how he saw live experiences as a way to create community, and that a brand’s purpose should be to foster such settings. “There’s many reasons to not leave the house,” he said. “So how do you product-ize FOMO to get people out & create community?”

Heineken’s Bernardo Spielmann shared a similar sentiment about how consumers best enjoy live experiences, but his take focused on the brand involved taking a larger back-seat in favor of those at an event. Spielmann believes in letting consumers generate their own content rather than pushing a brand message forward to make a statement for itself; that way the event maintains its appeal and authenticity.

Overall the panel was a forward-thinking discussion of what Essex called the ‘phygital’ – the merging of the physical and digital experiences. Although Essex doesn’t believe there’s been a truly successful case of the ‘phygital’ experience, there does seem to be a lot of promise on the horizon.

Speaking of the live experience, we closed out the week with hundreds of other Advertising Week attendees at the Wrap Party at Terminal 5, where 2Chainz took the stage for an explosive performance! Despite having broken a leg recently, he put on a phenomenal show all from the seat of a wheelchair. It was a night to remember!

Looking back on this week, we can say it’s been one of our most active Advertising Week conferences yet. We’re already looking forward to what next year has in store, and hope to see you there!